Covid-19 and Fabric Mouse

Again it is very sad to say...
WE ARE NOT AN ESSENTIAL BUSINESS so we will be closing our doors today at 4pm Monday 2nd November. Our website is open 24h everyday and our phone lines will reopen Wednesday 4th to handle orders and will stay open Mon-Friday 10-4. (Sorry we won’t be able to advise delivery times as if it’s like last time there will be no one to get updates from as virtually all staff were furloughed from our suppliers) if the line is busy, send us a message with your phone number and name on Facebook or the message us function on our website https// (If you don’t put your name and number you might not get a call back as many settings anonymise the messages on Facebook so we don’t see who sent the message) We do have stock and have a steady supply of more stock coming so give us a call 01748811593.
Please note our most popular models will go back to waiting lists that will soon take them past Christmas so please be quick if you don’t want to disappoint someone.

Servicing will still be available and must be booked in online and dropped outside our door on a Friday. (Please watch the video)

Please take care and stay safe