Kona Solids by Robert Kaufmann Cotton "The Original Quilters Solid"

Kona Solids have been the Quilters Fabric Choice Since 1984 The Original & Best.

Now Buy Americas Favourite Quilters Solids from Robert Kaufmann at Fabric Mouse.

Kona Solid Quilt Fabric at Fabric Mouse

Blended from Pantone Dyes, these are the most complete range of Solid Colours available for Quilters.

Kona Solid's are medium weight, thickness and soft to the touch. Kona’s not the cheapest choice out there, but it washes very well and is perhaps the best quality solid quilt fabric available in the UK. It’s easy to see why these solids are the most popular brand.

Kona Solids have many uses due to the Quality of the base cloth;

  • Dressmaking with Kona Solids
  • Light Upholstery
  • Bag Making
  • clothing
  • curtains
  • lining Material
  • crafts
  • cushions
Start building your KONA SOLID collection today...

o Top up the Collection Robert Kaufmann has Designed numerous Quilters Pre-Cuts;

To finish off the KONA Solid Addiction, Robert Kaufmann also Produces a Range of Sewing Books, Pattern Books and KONA Solid Kits.

We have made so many, 8bit, Zelda & Minecraft Quilts with Kona Solids, they lend themselves to being Creative, KONA is Not just a Blender.

Be Solid, Be KONA and Shop at Fabric Mouse, North Yorkshire and we will HEART you Forever and you will love your Kona Solids.