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Body Tape 5mx25mm

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Very aggressive single-sided medical grade adhesive tape designed to adhere to your body and stay in place. This tape will not snap under pressure. If you have dreamed of a tape that will not let you down, Body Tape is for you. effectively adheres garments to your body, preventing gaping and embarrassment. Before applying the Body Tape ensure skin is clean, dry and free from moisturisers, oils, fragrances and powders. Do not use on skin that is damaged, irritated or broken. This is a very strong tape that will not snap under pressure. It adheres to skin better than any other tape, The best product for creating cleavage, Unlike other methods, your cleavage will not disappear as the day wears on, Hide sagging neck lines. Lift eyebrows Transparent, Very thin and easily hidden-flexible and thinner than Scotch Tape! Stays in place, Waterproof! Easily cut to desired length and width, Can also be used to repair breast forms and other applications where a thin transparent adhesive is needed, Stronger, smoother and thinner than Tegaderm yet does not snap under pressure. Say goodbye to duct Tape! Tape does not interfere with use of breast forms, Our Double Sided Tape adheres to BodyShape Tape for attaching breast forms.

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