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CV19 Care Bundle jersey #lifewillsewon

Regular price £40.00

Please Share with #lifewillsewon (share you bought some, share your makes, share the link. Please just share to fill facebook with something other than CV19 Doom)

We are doing a huge fabric sale during the isolation period of the CV19 outbreak to support our vulnerable customers that can’t make it to the shop but also to support our staff as due to a huge crash in sales we don’t want there families to suffer. 

You will get 1m each of 8 fabrics in the theme, but Fabrics may change we can’t guarantee availability but you will get all the same make or style each time.

Get this offer while it lasts and support us with this great deal, you get fabric much cheaper than we pay for it. We are still in business at the end and everyone has something to do while stuck in the house over the next few months.

We are offering this at; £40, £60, £80 and £100 (if you can afford to pay more this supports this offer for people that can’t and we will give you a shout out on Facebook)

If you can afford it please pay what you can to support us also, but if you can’t or your buying as a fabric-hug to elderly person to give them something to do please order what you can for them.

please do not take advantage of this if you are profiting for business as we are selling below our cost price.


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