Hemline Applique Mat 33cmx28cm

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Quality re-uasble teflon pressing sheet. For bonding fusible web to most fabrics. Ideal for applique and craft. Place mat between iron and fusible web to avoid sticking. Use for all applications where the iron needs to be protected from glue. provides a double-sided sticky film that allows you to iron the film onto a piece of fabric and after removing the attached sheet, you then iron your fabric design to your background fabric. allows quilters to create intricate designs with very small pieces and sharp points. As the fabric does not need to be turned under it gives you a lot of flexibility with your design and very "realistic images" can be created. can be placed on center tables and dining tables. These are manufactured using 100% cotton and are neatly stitched by our designers. exclsive features like tear resistant finish, attractive patterns and pretty colors. Ideal large size for all your applique and fabric craft projects. Essential tool when doing applique. Easy for 'Building Up' your applique on. You can see through the mat clearly, and can easily see your pattern underneath. You iron your pieces directly onto your Applique Mat. The pieces stick to each other and not the mat!


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