Hemline Bra Back Replacements 3 Hook 50mm: Black

Regular price £2.10

Bra back replacements are extension pieces for a Bra that is too tight, gives a better fit to any Bra that is too small. Especially suitable during pregnancy or in case of weight gain. Soft back provides comfort and eliminates irritation. Each pack is supplied with 3 different colours: black, white and flesh.. Bra Extender Strap to lengthen and widen bra at back.These Bra Back Replacements enable a bra size to be increased by up to one size. Simple to use this device ensures comfort and fit. Just choose the correct hook pattern for the bra you wish to extend and the colour you require, Bra Strap extender designed a simple and cheap way of coverting all those bras that are too small into bras that fit. Have you ever had a favorite bra but the band was a little too snug? Well the bra Back Replacements rides to the rescue. It adds to the band so you can wear your favorite bra . It's easy to use, just connect the hooks and you're ready to go. No unsightly bulges under your clothes and it feels great against your body. A great deal for this price! Bra Back Replacements allow you the flexibility of continuing to wear bras that you are not ready to throw away, but are too tight. This bra accessory attaches to your bra and adds about three inches to give you comfort. A bra accessory that can alleviate some of that discomfort is a Bra Back Replacements. Purchasing a Bra Back Replacements is a great idea if you have bras to replace or if your size changes, but have not yet had the time or the means to do so.


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