Hemline Collar Stay 12pk Clear

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Iron-on,zippered security pocket, European passport sized. Approx size: 16cmx11cm. Iron into garments and baggage for protection against loss and pick pockets. A brilliant solution to tight-fitting shirts and pants. Alleviate discomfort in your neck and waistline by easily slipping extenders onto existing buttons. Eliminates expensive alterations. Stays hiddenbehind ties when used on shirt collars. Sometimes our favorite shirts just doní´t fit the way they used to. For a lot of guys, one of the first places they start to notice size problems is in the collar. Maybe the collar shrunk, or didní´t fit properly in the first place, or maybe youí´ve started bodybuilding and your neck has swelled to the size of a tree trunk. Whatever the case, there are some easy ways you can loosen your strangling shirts. here is Hemline Collar Extender/Expander to resolve this issue. One of the quickest and cheapest ways to add a little more girth to your neck without resorting to the services of a tailor is to pick up a collar expander/extender.


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