Hemline Cord Polyester - 1.5mx6mm

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Hemline Cord Polyester - 1.5mx6mm- We have an extensive range of 100% pure and blended polyester drawcords for meeting diverse industrial applications. These drawcords are available in every shade possible and are designed for high performance, strength, and durability. These drawcords are constructed keeping in mind the specific requirements of different industrial clients. Resistant to all weather conditions and U.V. High linear and system breaking strength, High capacity to absorb shocks during transport ,high retained tension due to its elastic elongation and memory even on contacting packages, Fast and easy to handle, High cross- directional strength, For Seat Covers, Mattresses, Upholstery, Cushion Covers, Bed Wear, Sofa, Curtains, Pelmets, Textile Made-Ups, Footwear, Jackets, Bags, Garments, etc.. WASHABLE and mainly used in TIEBACKS CUSHIONS THROWS BEDSPREADS E.T.C.


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