Hemline Cotton Tape 5mx12mm: White

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Hemline Cotton Tape is Versatile no stretch 100% cotton tape for sewing, craft and for general use, Garment, Home furnishing, Bedding, it is fun to wear clothes fabricated out of cotton tape during summer days. Hand washed and dried flat, this 100% cotton tapes is a perfect summer yarn. It knits up quickly, it is soft, easy to knit, and is great for beginners. these tapes are first choice of every professional tailor, you can get many colors and sizes in of these hemline cotten tapes on this same website, Made from pre-shrunk, recycled cotton. Ideal for soft furnishings,economical, 100% cotton, non-shrink, pre-shrunk, soft, stiff, This is a cotton tape, very handy for drawstrings in garments, bags, piping, in fact anywhere a strong thin cotton cord is needed. it has a thousand uses. For Seat Covers, Mattresses, Upholstery, Cushion Covers, Bed Wear, Sofa, Curtains, Pelmets, Textile Made-Ups, Footwear, Jackets, Bags, Garments, etc..Cotton tapes is washable, 100% "fluffy" tape, which is used to make your own custom pillows, upholstery, and apparel.


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