Hemline Cumm:Erbund Clips: Black

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Cumberbund Clip Black. Great value solution for making formal wear, belts, elasticised belts etc. The cummerbund is an alternative to the vest and is basically a pleated sash that is worn at the waist and covers the waistband. The most popular of the plastic hardware, multipurpose clip for the garment industry, home sewers, you would use a 1" wide elastic or other material. Or use a wider piece of stretchy fabric and have a gathered effect. You could do a million things with this. The buckle is held together by tension; it does not snap. Lots of strength and a very smooth release action, Besides a great design, it incorporates a virtual locking system for exceptional strength and an overlapping bar structure that provides greater slip resistance. This buckle uses two identical halves that when fitted together create a double sided adjustable side release. This allows for multiple attachment points without lining up all male and female parts opposing each other.applications where quick and easy centering of the buckle is necessary, such as a waist belt. The addition of a center support rib for crush resistance, a reduction in overall length of the buckle, and a design which allows the beauty of your application to show through, are just a few of the many features of Airloc buckles.


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