Hemline Cut Light Hobby/Office Scissors 6-3/4in

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Hemline Cut Light Hobby/Office Scissors 6-3/4in- handy scissors for all office work and very usefull for childrens in school or in other art activities, rounded edge for safety, usefull for home, Lightly serrated on blade to help prevent slipping. Serrated lower blade for improved cutting. Double plated with nickle and chrome finish. Three finger fit. Serrated edge scissor strong and lightweight, with moulded handles. Serrated lower balde facilitates easier cutting of soft and slippery fabrics. Comfortable handles for right and left hand use. These multi-purpose scissors feature: Stainless Steel Blades for Cutting: paper; cloth; yarn; thin cardboard; thin plastic; thin wire; thin rope and more! Easy to use with soft Comfort Grip Handles and Easy Glide Blades with an adjustable screw to tighten blades after heavy use. If you need something that can stand up to years of hard work and repeated sharpenings, or you simply want the best, then our Classic Forged and Heavy Duty Industrial Forged Scissors and Shears should be your first choice. Precision cutting, long-lasting sharpness and exceptional comfort.


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