Hemline Dress Shields Full Sleeve Small

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Cotton covered pads with water proof lining. ensure that sweat will not pass thru the barrier onto outer apparel. Prevents body odor from getting on outer apparel. Keeps your outer apparel fresh & dry from body odor and underarm sweat. Saves time and money on dry-cleaning. Perfect for any economy. highly absorbent, noiseless, thin, discreet, convenient, easily applied disposable unisex underarm shields which adhere (peel & stick) securely to all fabrics including silks providing outstanding protection from odors and wet-thru staining. Each shield has 3 wide adhesive peel-off strips which will stay securely placed all day long better than any other disposable product made. No pins, straps or washing necessary. Non-woven super-absorbent top layer and waterproof back layer. Quick drying. Save on costly dry cleaning bills. Safe even on silks. White. For men and women. One size fits all. high quality sweat protection products for men and women of all ages. For women, our dress shields are the perfect product for business wear or active wear. While garment shields are actual pieces of clothing you wear beneath your outer garments, dress shields are inserts that can be pinned or taped into your garment for removable convenience.


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