Hemline Handy Lint Brush

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The lint brush removes lint and dirt spots form any fabric instantly, This pocket sized clothes brush is a most for any travel kit or handbag. A small brush that easily fits in your suitcase or handbag. Wondering how to get rid of spot marks on your clothes? Want your clothes to look new and freshly laundered all the time? Pocket clothes brush is the answer to all your prayers! It is a small and handy grooming tool you can take anywhere. Keep your clothes free of lint, dust and pet hair with this three in one clothes brush. The unique design features a clothes brush, lint remover and shoe horn all in one brush! Tucks away neatly in a drawer or closet for easy access. A compact and practical dressing accessory Makes a great gift ! The ultimate clothes brush for fine fabric care. Give lint the brush-off with this handy self-cleaning lint brush. Just a few strokes remove lint dust and pet hairs from clothes furniture etc.


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