Hemline Hook And Loop Tape V/Pack Self Stick 20mm: Black

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Hook and Loop are ( Velcro Tape ) 20% NYLON 80% POLYESTER can be used into garment, furniture, glove, electrical products, sports appliance etc. our hook and loop are more competitive and high effection in this field because of the products is possess of good stickiness ,tensile strength,high temperature resistant, We can process different size of Velcro dots and sheet punching for all customer, furthermore, precise size, effective deliver goods, we creat a platform of fair trade for clients, we are looking forward great cooperation based on mutual benefit. suitable for thousands of applications including exhibition & displays, furniture manufacturing, aerospace and for general use around the home and office. It can be punched to circular, triangle, or other special shapes. The strips can go out from the holes, so the work pieces can not be harmed. This is a special tape made with high performance hook and loop backing coated with good quality environment-friendly thermal adhesive. It exhibits very high tensile strength and excellent adhesiveness with no adhesive residue. Suitable for affixing of propaganda materials, display in exhibitions, postioning of office supplies, household commodities, cushions, etc.


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