Hemline Iron-On Invisible Mending 40x50cm

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40x50cm or 16x20in, Transparent material to repair holes, add motifs and fix hems. Machine washable or dry clean. ideal for hemming, patching and applying motiffs. Do not use on fabrics that cannot be ironed. It is basically a clear plastic which can stick two fabrics together. So it can be used to Stick a motif to fabric. Use it to turn up a hem. Repairing holes. Repairing tears. Don't throw out your valuable (but damaged or soiled) clothes! Get it repaired for a fraction of the cost of replacement. Make those unsightly split joins, tears, stains, cigarette burns, iron burns and flowerpot holes disappear! In many cases* we are able to invisibly mend your carpets and rugs so that no-one would ever know the difference. Invisible mending may save you hundreds of dollars over the cost of replacement. For fast and easy iron fixing of hems. Press on firmly step by step using a damp cloth. Machine washable at 60 degrees,drycleanable.


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