Hemline Lint Shaver

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HEMLINE LINT SHAVER batteries operated Lint Shaver (2 x AA). The Shaver removes bobbles and lint from your garments e.g. Fleeces and Woollens. The Shaver has an removable lint trap & a protective cover for the blade. Supplied with a small Cleaning Brush. fantastic for getting rid of hairs and lint left on clothes. Easily removes the pills and fuzz that develop on coat, sofa, carpet, draperies and voolen blanket surfaces. Before use Please read all contents of this manual carefully before any operation. This item requires 4"AA" (UM-3) batteries. Please take out batteries if you are not using the item for a period of time. Direction for use Lay your clothes on a flat level surface, preferably an ironing board or pad. Open the battery cover, insert batteries according to the polarity markings and close the battery cover. Push the "ON" switch and begin to shave lint of fuzz off your clothes. The clear fluff box will collect lint and fibers removed from clothes and can be easily removed to discard the lint and fibers. The little brush is used to clean the fluff box and blade net. Clean blade net Turn the operating switch to "OFF" and remove the batteries. Carefully use a flat edge screwdriver or coin and push the blade net from the side to open.


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