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Hemline Nylon Repair Patch Self-Adhesive 10x20cm: Black

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10x20cm or 4x8in Available in Red, Royal Blue, Navy and black. Self Adhesive. Waterproof. Directions; Cut to size, trim round edges, place on clean dry surface, remove backing and press. Thats all there is to it! the repaired article can be used as soon as it has cooled. Ideal for repaires to sports and leasure clothing. can also be used on viscose, polyester and other synthetic materials. Rain jacket repair, tent repair, umbrella repair, raincoat repair etc. Hemline Nylon Repair Patch Self-Adhesive come in four colors: Red, Royal Blue, Navy and Black. The Nylon strong repairing patch (The Nylon patch with strong adhesive) is a professional strong adhesive patch for repairing the damage hole and leak of nylon products (such as sleeping bag, sun umbrella, nylon tent, raincoat, ), it is easy to use, find the puncture or leak of nylon products, cut the suitable patch and remove the backing paper and press it on the hole. After 5-10 minutes, it could use. Quick and easy repair all kinds of inflatable toys, beach balls, swimming tubes, balloons and other synthetic seat, sofa...and so on. with super self adhesive stick to the octical.