Hemline Petersham 1mx38mm: White

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Petersham - available in black and white color with 25 meter, you will find these products on this same website, A straight, non stretch, washable waistband petersham. Petersham can be used on skirts, covered waistbands, full fronted trousers and on open waistbands. Easy to sew Petersham espcially created for low waistline trousers and skirts. 100% nylon, machine washable at 50 degrees. Easy sewing with no awkward tacking, notching or gathering necessary, which means no ugly press marks. All nylon. For quick and easy waistbands. Firm finish, suitable for most fabrics. used to reinforced e.g. waistbands, bind corset edges or hat brims, or even as a foundation for neck ruff. Named after Lord Petersham, a military officer in the 19th century. woven, scalloped edge which allows you to shape the ribbon. Great for hats, waistbands, sweaters, etc. 100% Rayon, washable, dry cleanable, and colorfast.


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