Hemline Plastic Coated Steel Boning 1mx10mm

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Fine steel boning for traditional corsets. Our bones are 10mm plastic covered steel with dipped rounded ends. Suitable for all types of corsetry and foundation garments. Flexible only in one direction. plastic coated with rounded dipped ends. Continuous white plastic coated steel boning. NEW Continuous steel now available in 10mm (heavy gauge) width. This is very, very tough and subsequently tough to cut! Steel boning can be cut to length using aviation snips or similar and the ends rounded before using in corsets. The 10mm steel cannot be cut using snips, the best method is a vice and hacksaw with metal blade. It is also commonly used for crinolines, bustles, panniers etc. To join the ends when making petticoats try Plastic end caps. OR...Why not try our wide transparent heat shrink? Pop a length of heat shrink over your hoop, overlap the ends and hold in place with masking tape. Bring heat shrink over join and heat gently until it encloses the steel. flat white metal bones are used for heavy foundation garments such as corsets and body shapers or orthopedic knee and wrist braces. Their special construction make it possible for them to move in axial as well as in lateral directions. Flattened galvanized round spring steel wire with dual flattened coils are available with classic metal caps, soft powder-coated ends or extruded plastic tips. Our Plastic Boning construction is a result of a unique production technique using two different specialized plastic components. The spring force and elastic pull characteristic of the boning is achieved by monofils located on the boning inside. The outer shell is a comparatively very soft coating that fixes the interior monofils at their optimal point. Due to special ultraviolet stabilisers in the coating, the important spring elements are additionally protected against aging and environmental embrittlement. With this special construction splintering and breaking of plastic bonings is a thing of the past.


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