Hemline Scissors With Spring and Lanyard 4.75in

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Hemline Scissors With Spring and Lanyard 4.75in(120mm)- Great for hand or machine embroidery. Just squeeze to cut. Curved tips fit easily under presser foot. For right or left hand use. Spring Scissors with detachable Lanyard and safety cap. Usful when quick easy cutting is required. Ideal for craft, scrapbooking, embroidery and detailed work. Spring action scissors useful in classes when quick easy cutting required. Ideal for craft scrapbooking, embroidery and detailed work. ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue. Clip your threads easily and quickly. Fine sharp points also suitable for unpicking. Quality scissors designed to suit the needs of the casual to serious sewer or crafter. These spring-loaded utility scissors are just wonderful as any devoted user will tell you. Their spring loaded action helps relieve any ligament or muscle strain caused by the opening action when using scissors. These are ideal for people with hand problems such as arthritis, RSI, tendonitis or carpel tunnel. They are also popular with people who simply want to reduce wrist and hand fatigue when undertaking repetitive cutting for sewing, patchwork, paper craft or bear-making. Then have a fine ground micro-tip for the most intricate of work. The size of this scissor is also handy: it fits within most hand-widths when open so is great as a thread snip, next to the sewing machine or just as a versatile item for all types of work.


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