Hemline Shoulder Pad Raglan Style Medium Black

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Raglan shaped shoulder pads are designed to cover the shoulder bone and smooth the line of a garment with a raglan or dropped shoulder. Detachable or sew-in, these hemline shoulder pad in reglan style are made of foam and covered in soft 100% cotton fabric. pads are especially designed for high shoulder profile. Made with a foam centre and layered with quality needle punch wadding, they are ready to slip between your jacket and lining. fabric-covered padding used in men's and women's clothing to give the wearer the illusion of having broader and less sloping shoulders. shoulder pads are often used in suits, jackets and overcoats, usually sewn at the top of the shoulder and fastened between the lining and the outer fabric layer. They are soft, smooth, comfortable and durable. They so not shrink or reshape the garment after dry cleaning. We use best quality of cotton and foam to manufacture them that ensures the longevity of our products. Soft, subtle and gently shaped, they add just the right extra curve. And, with their little hidden flap they absolutely stay in place. Our beautiful new covered pads have replaced the raw foam. The new luxury flip flap pads are quite stunning, will outlast the raw foam shoulder pads many times over and have a greater perceived and intrinsic value. Some women want pads they can sew into their clothing and this is now also an option. Just slip the bra strap into the flap as shown and the pads will both stay secure and cushion the bra strap. hemline shoulder pads slide easily and comfortably over clothing and the discriminating shopper will appreciate the added value of this improved product.


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