Hemline Snag Repair Needle

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A special Needles with a knelled tip which locks onto fabrics pulls and draws the snag through to the back of the garment. The Snag Repair Needle instantly repairs loose and pulled threads. It has an abrasive tip which grips untidy threads and pulls them through to the reverse of the garment so they are no longer visible. It also features a ball point to prevent splitting of fibres. Suitable on all fabrics. One end of this handy little tool is pointed like a needle, while the other end is rough like a file. Snag even the tiniest end of thread and lead it through your needlework to make repairs or finish your stitching. This handy little gadget is quick and amazingly effective to use. To move a thread end from the front of the fabric to the back, simply insert the point of the tool directly into the center of the thread. Rotate or draw the tool all the way through to the back of the fabric and remove the tool. Also works great for tucking very short ends of thread under your completed needlework. Hemline snag repair needle. This is a fantastic idea - if you've never seen or used one of these before they are an absolute 'must have'! Get rid of those annoying snags/pulls in your clothes/knits/upholstery easily with this. Just put the needle over the snag and push through and the snag is caught on the file-like end of the needle and pulled through to the other side of the garment. Once you've had one of these you'll wonder what you ever did without it!!


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