Hemline Sweater Bag

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Heavy duty non-woven polypropylene material, allows contents to breathe - garments remain clean and fresh. 35 x 10 x 45cm. Sweater organizers like these simplify closet storage, saving a lot of storage space. Off season, when you doní´t need your winter wear, pack them into these sweater organizers and prevent them from moths and dust. storage bags maintain the texture and shine of the clothes inside and protect them from harsh conditions outside. After years of storage you will be able to quickly spot your clothes through the transparent sweater bags. These Zippered Sweater Bags are excellent sweater storage bags for protecting delicate wool sweaters from the elements and fiber eating insects during the warmer summer months. These zippered sweater bags feature clear vinyl construction that makes it easy to identify the contents of each bag and the slim profile makes it easy to fit these sweater bags in drawers or underneath your bed. Great for storing sweaters, blankets, comforters, and more. Zippered enclosure keeps contents securely within. Clear construction makes it easy to see what's in each bag. Slim profile fits easily in drawers or under the bed. Durable vinyl material stands up to years of use.


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