Hemline Uncovered Polyester Boning 1mx12mm Transparent

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Hemline Uncovered Polyester Boning used in corset making, and it is also very useful in bag making. It is perfect for adding rigidity to the sides or the openings of bags. Sew polyester boning into the seams of bags to prevent openings from collapsing in on themselves. It is discrete and simple to work with; it can easily be cut with scissors, and can easily be sewn through. polyester boingmuch easier for sewing and handling. help to holding up and stable the garments, hat, toys and so on. Standard width: 8mm. Color: white, black and transparent. Purpose for garment, wedding/evening dresses,hat,toy,lingerie, etc. It has a multitude of purposes, providing flexible support to a range of materials without the additional bulk of traditional boning products. it moves gently with the wearer and gives perfect support. can be stitched directly to the garment by sewing along its supple edges, down the centre or across the boning. Comfortable to wear and easy to care for, Hemline Uncovered Polyester Boning is extremely durable, stiffness is not lost whether washed or dry cleaned .


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