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Hemline Washing Net Super Soft

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35cm(14in)x50cm(20in) Super Soft Improved Quality, Soft nylon net with autolock zipper, for protecting your delicate items. made of soft fabric material enclosing the external layer of the washing net frame, and having a zip, If you are tired of hand-washing your bras but want to keep your bras in shape, then this is for you. Our Bra Wash Bag has special padding to protect underwired bras, and prevents snagging with other garments in the washing machine. The special material used to make this bag will help prevent the possibility of the hooks on the bra snagging other other items whilst in the wash. The bag is zipped so the bra will stay in it in the wash. We do not recommend that bras are tumble dried as they may shrink. Leave to dry naturally in a warm airy place. Special cleaning underwear bag /the laundry bag/bra bags (double-layer reticulated cloth) product advantage: use a washing machine,aglet or other small parts would be easy to destroy the bra, and the bra is susceptible to pull on the bud silk underwear is easy to be destroyed, to nest is how the steel does not have a problem, but if use washing machine round to round,it would like to wring like the serratula, If a underwear has fine washing bag,it won't appear above the phenomenon, can prolong service life!