Pfaff Performance 5.0 Sewing Machine - Demo-Sewing Machines-Pfaff-Fabric Mouse

Pfaff Performance 5.0 Sewing Machine - Demo

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Not everyone has a passion for sewing but those who have will definitely understand the importance of the right kind of sewing machine. Pfaff performance 5.0 is one of those impressive machines that lets its sewers complete sewing projects with great precision. The machine comes with a large workspace for sewing larger fabrics or batting. The high-resolution touch screen of the Pffaf performance permits you to see the stitches in actual size, thus making the in-built design understandable. There’s a personal menu available in the sewing machine demo, so you can save your stitches and sequences in a folder and use them again whenever you want.


  • Color touchscreen
  • Maxi stitches
  • Straight stitch needle plate sensor
  • Stylus holder built-in
  • Automatic feed dog drop

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