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Prym Sewing Machine Needles
Prym Sewing Machine Needles

Prym Sewing Machine Needles

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As a sewing machine repair shop Needles are of huge importance to us.

why, cheep and fake needles just don't do what they are supposed to and because all you new expensive machines use nylon bobbin cases you can quickly run up a large bill using a cheep needle.

Are Prym the best, No. But they are extremely consistent needle to needle. They are pressed on the first tooling, this means Prym make there own machinery in Germany and don't buy 2nd hand equipment, they also use an extremely good quality metal.

Consistency is so important half way through a project we couldn't recommend them higher.

You ask why i said they arn't the Best, well everyone who has ever worked on a machine knows Schmetz Needles are EPIC, But they arn't cheep (except they are on eBay and amazon and a few peoples websites) Well they are Extremely Cheep on Alibaba from China they can be packaged how ever we want for about a penny a pack (Strange yer, when there a german Made Needle) I have seen so many fakes even from "reputable" supplyers that I just couldn't recommend them without you doing some serious research in to them, Especially if You Love your Machine.

So for piece of mind and a high quality needle choose Prym for your task. 

Note. Needles do not last for ever, change them regularly for best results.