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Hemline Fabric Comb: Plastic Teeth

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Hemline Fabric Comb with Plastic Teeth to remove pilling balls & fuzz from garments, An essential for taking care of cashmere and other knitwear, no wardrobe should be without a fabric comb. Gentle and effective, the comb removes fuzz and pilling from sweaters and coats in any napped or knitted fabric. offers complete simplicity in its ability to remove those fuzz balls, which regularly appear on natural fiber garments. offers a simple, yet effective tool to remove fluff (also referred to as fuzz balls, matting, bobbles or pilling) from a wide variety of woven, napped or knitted fabrics _ these loose threads or small balls tend to form on kitted fabrics as a result of friction or general wear. Sweater and Fabric Comb removes fuzz from all napped, woven, or knitted fabrics, including coats, blankets, or sweaters of wool, cashmere, or acrylic. Simply hold fabric taut with one hand and brush quickly and lightly with this comb. Simply hold fabric taught with one hand and brush quickly and lightly with other hand. Brushes away sweater fuzz in seconds.