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About Fabric Mouse

We are a shop based in Brompton-On-Swale, North Yorkshire.

As a family we have run sewing machine shops around the North East since 1922 (Middlesbrough, Metro Centre, Stockton, Bedale and Darlington) After my parents retired and my sister left the industry we had closed the shops down gradually and when I became the sole owner I closed our last shop in Darlington and moved to a much different business model offering a different experience than the old tires model of a high street sewing machine shop. We've had our doors open for two years and stock a wide range of sewing machines, embroidery machines, machines parts and accessories, 100% cotton fabrics, dressmaking fabrics & jersey, pre-cut fabrics, sewing accessories and much much more!

We're also take care of machine servicing and repairs, information on this can be found here.

We have car parking out front making it easily accessible and we have a small cafe so we can make you a cuppa while you explore our shop!

We're located in a business park just by Brompton-On-Swale, directions can be found here.

We're a business that refuses to stop growing and we're here to help you take your sewing, quilting, embroidering and dressmaking to a new level. Come down and have a look at what we can offer and as a multi brand store you can compare sewing machines in store.