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Finance FAQ for Brother Machines

Financing for Your Machine

Below are details of the financing options when buying a Brother machine. Contact us for financing your machine, call us on 08000996066 or come in to the store. Or alternatively provide us with your email address and the machine you are looking at buying through Facebook, the web contact form, or via our email and we can send you a quote. 




APR (%)

Min Loan Amount

Max Loan Amount
 Interest Free Credit  6 - £599.00 £999.00
 Interest Free Credit 
12 - £1,000.00 £25,000.00
 Interest Free Credit 
18 - £2,000.00
 Interest Free Credit 
24 - £6,000.00

Buy Now Pay Later

(12 month Deferral Period)

36 14.90% £599.00

 Product Name



APR (%) Min Loan Amount Max Loan Amount
Interest Bearing Credit 12 14.90% £599.00 £1,449.99
Interest Bearing Credit 24 14.90% £1,500.00 £25,000.00
Interest Bearing Credit 36 14.90% £2,000.00
Interest Bearing Credit 48 14.90% £6,000.00

Complaints Process

If there's something you're not happy with, we'd like to be informed so we can resolve your issues.

Complaint handling and dispute resolution process

Please contact us as soon as possible.

You can contact our Customer Service Team who are here to help and they will try to provide a suitable solution.

Upon receipt of your complaint, we will contact you in 3 working days to resolve your issue.

Our customer Service Team will ask you to provide any relevant information which helps us identify the issue you have with your product.

Online –

Post – Unit 5 Station Road Industrial Estate, Brompton On Swale, Richmond, North Yorkshire DL10 7SN

Escalating the complaint

If you're not happy with the resolution of the complaint, please speak to the person handling your complaint and they will discuss and explain the reasons for the resolution reached.

If you wish for your complaint to receive further review, please email us or contact us in writing at the address above.

If you are still unhappy after further escalation and your item has been ordered via Novuna Personal Finance you can also contact Novuna directly to discuss the matter further.