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Service and Repairs FAQs

We ask that when you bring your machine in you only bring in what we need to service or repair your machine, as detailed on the service and repair page. Any additional items are left at your own risk. We also ask that when you get your confirmation email, you put stickers with the order number on on each of the items you're bringing to us.

We will ask you on collection of your machine to check your machine and to sign to say you are satisfied that you have received everything you left with us. 

How long do I have to collect my machine once it has been serviced/repaired?

We ask that you collect your machine within 4 weeks of receiving notice that your machine is ready for collection, unless we have made other arrangements with yourselves at the time you dropped off your machine (i.e. because you are away on holiday). We do not hold onto machines or accessories left with us indefinitely, machines that have been left beyond the 4 week period will either be sold on or scrapped.

Why do I have to pay for my repair/service in advance?

Unfortunately, we have had customers drop off their machine for a service or repair in the past, wanting to pay on collection, who have never returned for their machine. Which leaves us out of pocket, as we still have to pay the engineer for the work done on the machine. 

Why is there an additional payment for my repair?

Whilst the cost of the repair covers most things, the motherboards inside some machines are not covered, updating software is not covered, and any item which you would naturally have to replace yourself through use is not covered. In most instances the engineer or a member of staff will contact you before the part is ordered and the work done. 

Why does the booking page not give me a specific date?

Machines generally go to our engineer on a Friday and it takes about 2 weeks for them to be ready for collection. We ask that you drop them off between 10am and 4pm Monday to Thursday. If we have to wait for a part to arrive to complete your repair we will attempt to contact you to let you know. 

Why haven't I received an email confirmation or ready for collection email?

It's possible your email service is sending our emails into your spam or junk folder. There are a number of reasons this might happen (and could be the reason you don't receive our newsletter either).

However, you can white list our email address to ensure you always get our emails. White listing an email address tells your email filter that they should let emails from specific email address through. 

In Gmail:

  • Click the gear icon in Gmail
  • --> See all settings
  • -->Filters and Blocked Addresses
  • -->Create a new filter."
  • Add to the "From" field
  • --> Create filter
  • --> Never send it to Spam
  • --> Create filter

In Outlook:

  • Click the gear icon in Outlook
  • --> View all Outlook settings
  • --> Mail
  • -->Junk email
  • --> Add (under Safe senders and domains)
  • Enter
  • --> Save

For White listing in other email service providers please visit HubSpot

What happens if you can't repair my machine?

If we can't repair your machine, either through being unable to obtain a part required or your machine not being repairable, we will refund you your service/repair charge or offer you that amount off a new machine.

What happens if I leave my machine with you and it gets lost or gets damaged beyond repair? 

Whilst we hope this never happens, we hope that we can come to an agreement with you to compensate you for the loss. 

If your machine is still under warranty and it gets lost or damaged beyond repair whilst it is in the shop, we will replace it.