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Hemline Hands Free Magnifier

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This type of magnifying glass is perfect for crafts, hobbies, reading, and magnifying small print to help people with low vision conditions. The hands-free magnifiers featured include magnifiers that are designed to be either placed on (or clamped to) a table or desk, clipped to an eyeglass frame, or worn around the neck or head for easy hands-free use. Hemline Hands free Magnifier is a crystal clear distortion free magnifier. combine the two and you have the perfect solution for that craft magnifying lamp or have always wanted, lightweight to make it portable enough to take to classes, and of course being battery and mains operated gives you the freedom to choose where you sit. EXTREEMLY LIGHT WEIGHT. Suitable for all crafts, sewing, beading, low vision readers, flytiers, stamp collectors etc. A "hands-free," 2x magnifier, Perfect for needlework when you need magnification, and at a reasonable price! This hands-free magnifier prevents eyestrain and provides bright, shadow less illumination. the magnifier is great for sewing or any craft activity, Eliminates eye strain, Great for reading, sewing, embroidery, needlepoint and more, Wearable 2x power hand-free magnifier has a 4x power bi-focal spot lens. They are the perfect tool for threading needles, working on miniatures and model assembly, and getting into those tight places where your fingers just won't go. 4x Magnifier, and requires 3 LR927 batteries-not included. Keep away from direct sunlight-could cause fire.