Hemline Tape Measure 150cm: Metric Only-Sewing & Needlecrafts-Hemline-Fabric Mouse

Hemline Tape Measure 150cm: Metric Only

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Displays metric measurements on both sides of the tape, Fibre-glass reinforced to eliminate any possibility of stretching or distortion, Metric measurements on both sides, for easy conversion. Used in Clothing, Uniform & Sewing Industries, Medical & Health Industries, Hat/helmet/Cap Sizing, Tailor Tapes with Crotch Pieces, Sizing & Livestock Scales. ideal for use in the apparel, textile, medical, or fitness industries. All of our tailorí´s tapes are made from durable, non-stretch fiberglass fabric, secured at either end with metal fastenings, and come in a variety of colors. tapes are flexible for easily and accurately measuring parts of the body or garments. Non-stretch, fiberglass fabric with metal end pieces.


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