Brother 10 Colour Spool Thread Stand (TS5) XG6765-001 Brother Sewing Machine Accessories - Fabric Mouse

Brother 10 Colour Spool Thread Stand (TS5) XG6765-001

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Keeping the threads in an organized way while sewing can be messy but not anymore, because you can now get this useful thread stand for your machine. This spool thread stand securely and firmly onto your sewing machine. The product comes with 10 vertical spool pins easy bobbin storage or thread delivery. The brother 10 spool thread stand allows you to keep your threads in your preferred color sequence that ultimately makes your embroidery or sewing projects an easy job. Also, you can remove the spool pins easily to put up different spool sizes. 


  • 10 vertical spool pins
  • Keep your threads in right color sequence
  • Saves your time while changing threads
  • Easy access to frequently used threads

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