YKK Vislon Heavy Duty Zips Open ended single and 2way Zip

Vislon zips are strong and long lasting plastic teeth zips 8mm wide, making your Jacket better than new with the locking slider means you don't get caught short. Ideal for Outdoor Gear, sport equipment, Ski Jacket, ski trousers, Bags, Jackets, Marine applications, field sport coats, Medical Applications, uniforms, Military and Surplus Repairs, wet Suits, canvas tents and Camouflage long Jacket Zip.

In Stock with Free Shipping, Available in;

  • Open End (coat open and zips up from the bottom)
  • 2 Way Open End (coat open and zips up from the bottom, also opens up from the bottom for sitting down in the car etc without undoing the coat)

Search for a Strong Size 8 Hardwearing, Buy Vislon Zip by Colour

 Strong Black Vislon Zip

White Vislon Coat Zip
Strong Plastic Khaki Zip
Forest Green Vislon Zip
Light Ecru
Dark Grey
Navy Vislon Zip (560)
Brown Vislon Zip
Fawn Vislon Zips
Bright Blue
Dark Wine
Red Vislon