Quilt Wadding & Batting

Quilt Wadding is our thing, We carry a large range of wadding but we specialise in US & Australian Quilters Wadding all in stock in our Shop Fabric Mouse in North Yorkshire, We Sell the most Quilt Wadding on Amazon with the Highest ratings so we know what Quilters like.

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Batting is serious business and we stock a lot of it

Fiberco Organic Quilt Wadding from the USA

Fiberco Product some of the finest Organic wadding around, this accounts for 80% of what we sell. Its Soft & Washes well.

its available in 3 types of 90" wide wadding with the Simply Cotton Been available in the 120" wide for you Big Quilters.

Matildas Batting from Austrailia

Hands Down the Best quality Batting arround

Warm & Natural co Batting

Altho a few years ago we could not get enough of this wadding, this Blended wadding has fallen out of favour with many Quilters due to it being 20% Poly and only 80% Cotton especially with easily accessible Pure cottons and Bamboo on the market. but they have some amazing new products that are un-comparable to anyone elce

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Hobbs Batting & Quilt Wadding

Another of the Heritage batting brands that were a staple that has taken a hit from the new pure cotton battings but they still produce our most popular double sided fusible 80/20 wadding in 90" wide. Still popular in pre-cuts and ready available, they have also added a 100% cotton and a Wool to there line up.


Designed at Bagmaking beanies Soft & stable is a winner

Vilene Quilt Wadding & Stabalizers