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Bra Making Half Cup under wire 17.6cm

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underwire is a thin, semi-circular strip plastic fitted inside the cloth along the bottom and sides of the bra cup. The underwire bra is designed to provide additional lift. One way to determine if this is a style of bra that will work for you is to give it a try. Underwire bras offer stronger support than most common bra configurations. Supporting the breasts from underneath relieves stress on the back and shoulders and protects breast tissue from stretching. The stiff support holds the breast, pushing it into the cup. The upward push, combined with the elastic band and straps bears the weight of the breast. Designed for women of any age, underwire bras work particularly well for women with larger breasts. With a full range of styles appealing to teenagers, young women and more mature women, most women will find an attractive, appealing design.

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