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Hemline Bib And Brace Set: Bronze

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Stylish looking One inch wide Bronze Plated Overalls Buckles. Two sets per pack. with a pair of batchelor buttons, buckles with no-sew buttons are easy to add to your finished overalls or shortalls. Material: Bronze, For all kinds of belts and bags, Also for suspenders. Illustrated instructions included with each order. Simple finger pressure is all that is needed to attach the buttons. No need for a hammer or rubber mallet! If you break or lose the buckles from your bib overalls, or if you are making a pair of bibs and need buckles, use Hemline Bib And Brace Set to keep your overalls from falling down. Hemline Bib And Brace Set come with no-sew jeans buttons, so if you need to add buttons you get to use a hammer instead of a sewing needle. An overall buckle in which the swingable flap has a detent locking the flap in its closed position so that inadvertent opening is prevented. The teeth of the flap cooperate with counterteeth on the frame so that transversely, the strap has an undulating pattern when clamped. The strap passes through the buckle in an undulating pattern as well. Buckles with no-sew jean buttons for overalls and jumpers, Select size according to strap width, Hammer required for button application.