Hemline Bow Tie Set: Black

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Hemline Bow Tie Set Black. Brilliant value, 2 sets of black tie clasps, create a professional finish. The traditional bow tie, consisting of a strip of cloth which the wearer has to tie by hand, however now most bowties are clip-on. This product is the part that is used to clip the bowtie in plack around the neck. The bow tie clip comes with fitting instructions. Black metal. Use on light or medium weight fabrics, size 9mm (3/8") and 2 sets per card. Bow Tie Clip, Low price, best quality , Well and High Quality Control. The materials are environmental protected, and they are designed in a hi-tech way. Our price are competitive compared with other same quality products. Small holes on each end to attach to wire or with needle & thread. I have seen ties and bows where ends are slipped into slits in the fabric and when straightened to the closed position they doní´t come out. used to keep a neck tie attaches to the underlying dress shirt. A tie clip places approx two thirds of the way down the front of a neck tie and keep it secured through most situations.


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