Hemline Fabric Stabiliser: Fusible

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Fabric Stabiliser - Fusible. The adhesive is light and only serves to support the stabiliser while sewing, removes easily afterwards. can be used for Collars, cuffs, necklines, pockets, hems, armholes, button and buttonhole areas, zipper, belt and waistband areas. Blouses, sheer garments, dresses, and active sportswear, Great for bags and larger accessories. Best option for bags requiring laundering. and is especially good to use in making, purses, hat brims, cornices for home dec, and wall hanging quilts. This this is a lightweight stabiliser. By the maker HEMLINE, It is used to support and stabilise fabric for all kinds of machine and hand sewing, including applique, embroidery, darning, monogramming etc. Instructions as they are on back of pack - Place stabilser behind the fabric to be sewn. Work through both layers. On completion tear the stabiliser away. This two-sided nonwoven fusible is perfect for crafts that need more body. Extra firm stabilizer is machine washable and dry cleanable. This is comparable to Timtex. Preshrinking is not required. Always test a interfacing with a scrap of fabric before using on your project. holds fabric firm for machine embroidery, lace making, battenberg, heirloom sewing, applique, and sewing slippery fabrics such as chiffons and charmeuse. Washes out completely. Firms tricot to apply lace, etc. Holds voile, chiffon and soft polyesters firm to sew. Excellent for heirloom sewing. Stiffen applique fabrics without iron on products. Stiffen fabric for fabric painting. Use to hold fabric firm while working. Excellent for woven and knitted fabrics. Fabric Stabilizer will stop fabric from fraying till washed out.


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