Hemline Fuse and Fold Waistband Lining 25mm

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Slotted waistband interlining, iron-on, to give your home sewing a professional finish. Perforated lines ensure accurate sewing and folding. Roll resistant. 2.5cm wide. White. For quick and easy waistbands. Slotted triple fold tape gives accurate guide for stitching and folding. Firm finish, suitable for most fabrics. A roll of a continuous strip of a non-woven fabric having on only one side thereof a heat actuatable adhesive, said fabric having at least one longitudinally running perforated line running parallel with a side edge of said fabric, said fabric being free of any surface interruptions other than perforated lines running parallel with a side edge and its use in garment manufacture. Fuse & Fold Instuctions: 1. Set iron to correct temperature for fabric. With dry iron only, press Fuse & Fold onto wrong-side of waistband using firm pressure on one section at a time for 7 seconds over length of band. Allow to cool and test for satisfactory bonding. 2. Check the correct length of waistband and sewing along perforations, attach band to garment. Turn right side out on fold line. 3. Press waistband seam up. Turn tab end in and pin in place. Sew along lower waist band edge.


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