Hemline Quickfix (Cotton Patch): Iron On Dark Grey

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A single 100% cotton patch 25cm x 11cm for quick fixes. Available in 4 colours, White, Navy, Dark Grey, Black. For decorating and mending, strong and easy to apply. It is easy to affix and uses a lower than normal melting temperature so can be used on more delicate fabrics. Uses middle(2 dot) iron setting. Used for patching and repairing garments. They are iron on but can also be sewn if preferred. Ideal for repairing holes or tears on all types of clothing or decorative applications. For Decorating & Mending, very Strong & Easy To Apply, For Many Uses like Piping around pockets & cuffs, down seams, Denim jeans, jackets, Purses, knapsacks, school bags, Trainers, T-shirts, Hats, Pillows, Curtains, Applique Shapes, Not Intended For Use On Plastic, Nylon Or Rayon. For mending, repairing or reinforcing. 100% cotton. Machine washable and dry cleanable. LIGHTWEIGHT, IRON-ON TROUSER / FABRIC PATCHES, PATCHES CAN EASILY BE CUT, TO SUIT ANY SIZE, simply cut patch to size, round off edges, place a damp cloth over the patch and iron with a hot iron. NOT SUITABLE FOR STRETCH FABRICS. Very strong and durable - great for all sorts of repairs! Iron On - Very easy to use, Fully Washable. Use this iron on mending fabric to repair tears on all kinds of clothing, bags, and equipment. Check fiber content of item to be repaired to be sure it can withstand the heat setting required for correct application. Dry iron must be set on "Cotton" setting.


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