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Hemline Snag Repair Tool
Hemline Snag Repair Tool

Hemline Snag Repair Tool

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This miniature latch hook draws snagged thread to the back of the garment. An extremely useful tool for knits. A precision tool which can quickly and effectively repair snags in knits, woven garments, draperies and upholstery. Also for needlepoint,tapestry and punch embroidery. Insert point of tool directly into the center of the snag, Push or draw the tool through the fabric and remove, Gently stretch the fabric to realign the fibers. It is unique in design and can repair snags in garments while wearing. This handy little gadget is quick and amazingly effective to use. To move a thread end from the front of the fabric to the back, simply insert the point of the tool directly into the center of the thread. Rotate or draw the tool all the way through to the back of the fabric and remove the tool. Also works great for tucking very short ends of thread under your completed needlework. The tool includes a shaft having a length between 60 mm and 90 mm and a maximum diameter between 0.635 mm and 1.65 mm. The shaft has a cloth penetration surface section beginning at a pointed forward end. The cloth penetration surface section has low frictional surface characteristics to enable the shaft to be initially easily inserted into the cloth at a snag location without substantially disturbing the snag. The shaft has a frictional surface section intermediate the cloth penetration surface section and a rear end. The frictional surface section has high surface characteristics to engage and frictionally draw the snag through the cloth as the shaft is forced through the cloth. In a preferred form, the frictional surface section is machine roughened with diamond shaped knurls covering between one third and two thirds the length of the shaft. The tool is particularly effective in repairing snags in clothing, drapes and upholstery.