Hemline Tape Measure Extra Long-Tape Measure-Hemline-Fabric Mouse

Hemline Tape Measure Extra Long

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Accurate measurement is one thing that is really important for sewing and quilting. Now you can enjoy easy measuring with the help of this Hemline tape measure, an important sewer’s essential and should be there in the sewing kit. The quilters tape is available with metric on one side and imperial on the other. You can use this tape for measurements, ideal for tailoring projects, general household jobs, and even for haberdashery. The hemline tape is made of fibre-glass that eliminates any chances of stretching and misrepresentation.


  • Fibre-glass, non-stretching
  • Metric on one side and imperial on the other
  • Come with a metal end
  • 300 cm/ 120"
  • 20 mm wide

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