Hemline Web-Fusible Hemming 25mx19mm

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25mx19mm- Popular fusible web tape, which quickly and easily fuses hems, cuffs, facings, etc Use this Hemline hemming web Fusible tape to fuse two fabrics together quickly and easily. Great for hems, facings, appliqu_s, reinforcing, applying badges and patching. Always place hemming web tape completely between fabrics to be joined; do not allow any to protrude. Do not place hot iron or pressing cloth directly onto tape. There's no need to finish the cut edge as the fusible web will prevent any fraying, though you can serge or zigzag if you prefer a finished edge. Fusible interfacing can be used for garments, window shade backing, handbags, and other projects. Fusible web in tape form can be used for hemming garments, pillow cases, blankets, table cloths, and curtains. To hem with fusible web, place it between the hem allowance and the garment or other item, setting it down a bit from the edge of the hem allowance. Pin it and iron according to directions. For heavy material, a wider strip up to the depth of the hem allowance is used to give the hem more strength. This kind of tape can also be used in no-sew projects, including quilts. The newly created bonding fabric can then be cut to any size and shape, and used as an appliqu_ by removing the backing sheet and fusing it to other fabric. The great no-sew iron-on adhesive makes hemming easy without a needle or thread! It creates clean, secure hems in seconds with no sewing? and is completely machine washable! Use with cotton poly blends, cotton, rayon, acrylic, linings and much more.


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