Pfaff Performance Icon-Sewing Machines-Pfaff-Fabric Mouse

Pfaff Performance Icon

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A feature-rich and innovatively designed sewing machine, Pfaff performance icon is undoubtly the best choice out there. The machine has all the excellent features that a quilter, dressmakers, and a home décor enthusiast will love and rely on. This Pfaff icon performance has a huge tablet-like touch-screen as its centrepiece, so the user can control its number of features in a logical and easy way. Also, the Pfaff icon comes with a large work area that allows you to complete your larger projects with ease, which might be challenging to complete on the traditional machine.


  • Largest working area
  • Extraordinary Lighting Design
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Enhanced original IDT
  • Power, Stability, and Precision

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