Prym Embroidery Scissors "Stork" gold-plated 9 cm-Measuring Tools and Cutting-Prym-Fabric Mouse

Prym Embroidery Scissors "Stork" gold-plated 9 cm

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An absolutely amazing pair of scissors, Prym embroidery scissors are famous for their captivating design in the shape of a stork. They are generally added to the embroidery and thread scissor group. These gold-plated embroidery scissors are available with slim, pointed blades that look similar to a stork’s beak, the crew joint gives the resemblance of the eye and the stems replicate the feathers on it. These embroidery scissors are a perfect pick for delicate handicrafts, thanks to the amazingly fine point and very accurate blade grinding, so you can easily cut the fabric in a best-precise way.


  • Gold-plated scissors
  • Slim pointed blades
  • For sophisticated handicrafts
  • Cut the material with millimeter precision
  • Beautiful design

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