Prym Love Sewing Scissors 15 cm-Measuring Tools and Cutting-Prym-Fabric Mouse

Prym Love Sewing Scissors 15 cm

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A pair of Prym Love Sewing Scissors 15 cm is one of the most effective tools from the Prym sewing scissors collection. It is suitable for all types of craft activities including sewing, art & craft etc. Its slim structure makes it appropriate for cutting yarns and threads as well as for performing delicate needlecraft. Its steel, painted grips allow it to be precise and provide long-lasting resilience. The excellent quality, rust-resistant steel blades are hot-forged and are built with an asymmetrical design so that the fabric does not slip away.


  • Made with rust-resistant stainless steel
  • Preferable for textile cutting
  • Super sharp and precise
  • Superior quality
  • 15 cm long

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