Triumph General Use Pinking Shears 23,5 cm-Measuring Tools and Cutting-Triumph-Fabric Mouse

Triumph General Use Pinking Shears 23,5 cm

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Triumph pinking shears are one of the best scissors that are used for medium woven fabrics like Calico, patchwork fabrics, cotton, wools, felts etc. These shears are usually not suggested for heavy fabrics, tricots, thin or silky fabrics, or knitted fabrics. For the best results, you can use the triumph tool and cut the fabric by laying it flat on the table. These pinking shears have stainless steel blades and ball bearing joint for easy and smooth action.


  • Shears for medium-weight woven fabrics
  • Comfort grip handle for dressmaking and all multi-use craft purposes
  • Stainless steel and blades
  • Ball-bearing joint

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