Vilene 314 Stitch 'n' tear stabiliser-Stabilizer-Vlieseline-Fabric Mouse

Vilene 314 Stitch and tear stabiliser Stitch-N-Tear Wood Pulp

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The Vilene 314 Stitch and Tear Wood Pulp is an effective stabiliser that can be used as an additional layer to the fabric while sewing. It gives volume to the fabric in order to give a defined shape and support to it. The Stich-N-Tear feature of the stabiliser allows you to sew the fabric along and then, cut to desired shape afterwards. You can use the stitch and tear stabiliser to give capacity to cuffs and collars of shirts, patches, motifs, borders of drapery and much more.


  • Allows stitching first and then, tearing
  • Non-flexible
  • Drawings can be traced on using a pencil
  • Made of 70% CV and 30% cellulose
  • White in colour

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